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Elser - He would have changed the world

[English title: 13 MINUTES]


Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel.



This film is a rough approximation of the events. Below is the poster and Sydney Morning Herald review:


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1939  Four frames from a NAZI film made in November 1939 showing the damage in the aftermath of Elser's bomb.

2009  Die zweite Hinrichtung des Georg Elser / The Second Execution of Georg Elser


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Georg Elser Das Attentat

[Georg Elser The Assassin]


Director: Rainer Erler 

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Georg Elser - Einer Aus Deutschland  

[Georg Elser - One from Germany]


Directed by and starring Klaus Maria Brandauer.


Based on Stephen Shepperds book 'The Artisan'. Highly fictionalised.

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