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A picture history of Georg Elser

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Elser was transferred to Sachsenhausen concentration camp as a 'special prisoner'

Dachau concentration camp (on righthand side of photo).

Location of Elsers cojoined cells within the prison building is circled in red

The Burgerbraukeller bombing investigation team: from left to right: Franz Huber, Arthur Nebe, Heinrich Himmler, Reinhard Heydrich, Heinrich Muller





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Elser returned home to Konigsbronn in 1932



Vollmer's quarry, Konigsbronn where Elser worked as a labourer in order to complete his arsenal.


Elser's father with his wagon

Mathilde Niedermann with Elser's son Manfred, born 1930

Work by Elser, the cabinetmaker

Inselgasse, the street where he lived with a communist in Konstanz

Reich Security Main Office, Prinz-Albrecht-Strasse, Berlin, where Elser was interrogated by a Special Commission after his confession


Himmler at the bomb site

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Site of Elser's capture in Konstanz


His capture location at Konstanz on the Swiss border

Elser makes a dash for Switzerland going by Frierichshaven to Konstanz steamer on November 8, 1939

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Gasthaus Hecht, where the Konigsbronn Zither Club met

Elser's zither

In 1938 Elser stayed overnight in Munich to witness the annual Nazi march from the Burgerbraukeller to celebrate the failed 1923 Beer Hall Putsch

Collasped ceiling at the Burgerbraukeller after Elser's bomb exploded at 9.20 pm on November 8 1939.

The Waldenmaier factory, Heidenheim where Elser worked as a supervisor while 'acquiring' explosives.

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Elser, Malthilde Niedermann and his younger brother Leonhard posing on Mainau Island, Bodensee.

When living in Kostanz Elser joined a traditional music and dance organisation as well as the Kostanz Zither Club while working as a cabinetmaker.

Dachau crematorium, the site of Elser's murder on April 9, 1945, sanctioned by a document signed by Heinrich Muller

Konigsbronn family home in 1913

Konigsbronn foundry in 2015 were Elser first worked

Friedrichshafen near where he worked at Dornier

Elser hanging out with friends in Meersburg

Elser with girlfriend Elsa Harlen and others, in 1936

Elser reconstructs his infernal machine to demonstrate his technical ability

The remains of Elser's 3 cojoined cells within the Gestapo Prison where he lived with personal guards and worked as a cabinetmaker until his transfer to Dachau.

Elser during


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Elser on front page in German press on November 22, 1939, with captured British agents.

Elser's mother and other family members were brought to Berlin to be interrogated in the presence of Elser

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Hitler speaking at the Burgerbraukeller with a bomb ticking in the pillar directly behind him

From August 5 to November 7 Elser spent 30-35 nights inside the Burgerbraukeller installing his deadly device.


Munich Gestapo Headquarters where Elser confessed to Arther Nebe and Franz Huber on November 14


The Times, London, cartoon suggesting Elser was like Van der Lubbe, executed for the Reishstag fire in 1933

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