Georg-Elser-Arbeitskreis Heidenheim (Eds.):

Georg Elser: Gegen Hitler - gegen den Krieg 

Georg Elser: Against Hitler - against the War

Self publishing 2003


This standard work compiles the current state of Georg-Elser research as well as the milestones of the recognition of Georg Elser. It is generally written in a comprehensible manner and is particularly suitable for school teaching.

Language: German

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Tom Ferry:

Georg Elser: The Zither Player. 

Consultant Editor: Peter Koblank

CreateSpace 2016


In 1939 a massive time bomb exploded in a Munich beer hall. Exactly who planted the bomb sparked a propaganda brawl. The Nazis blamed the British Secret Service and Otto Strasser, while the British accused the Nazis of staging the beer hall bombing to bolster appetite for war. No one wanted to believe a zither-playing cabinet maker was the sole perpetrator.


Written like fiction, this is the true story of one man obsessed with an ambitious plan: to prevent a catastrophic war that would by its end kill over 60 million people worldwide. Elser's bold attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler in November 1939 is told in parallel with the failed British SIS operation to bring peace by making contact with the German Opposition. Instead the British agents were kidnapped by Nazi intelligence agents in what became known as the Venlo Incident. As personal prisoners of Adolf Hitler the fate of both Elser and the British agents hung in the balance until April 1945.


332 pages. Illustrated.  

Language: English

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Ulrich Renz:

Georg Elser. Allein gegen Hitler.

Georg Elser. Alone against Hitler.

State Center for Political Education Baden-Württemberg 2014


Compact biography of 114 pages.

Language: German


Hellmut G. Haasis:

Georg Elser. Ein schwäbischer Kriegsgegner

[Georg Elser. A swabian war opponent]

klemm + oelschläger 2012

Introduction with graphics by Uli Trostowitsch.


After his 320-page Elser biography of 1999/2009 Haasis now has a

128-page version with a series of new aspects on Elser’s assassination attempt.

Lanuage: German

Peter Steinbach and Johannes Tuchel:

Georg Elser - Der Hitler-Attentäter

Georg Elser - Hitler's assassin

be.bra publishing house 2010


Extensive portrait of Georg Elser. 368 pages including interrogation protocol. Paperback edition of the biography originally published in 2008.

Lanuage: German

Georg Elser. Sprengstoffanschlag im Bürgerbräukeller in München am 8.11.1939. Vernehmung des Täters.: Faksimile der Gestapo-Verhörprotokolle

Georg Elser. Explosive attack in the Bürgerbräukeller in Munich on 8 November 1939. Interrogation of the perpetrator.

Liliom Publishing


Facsimile of the Gestapo interrogation record.

Lanuage: German


Lothar Fritze:

Legitimer Widerstand? Der Fall Elser

Legitimate resistance? The Elser case

Berliner Wissenschaftsverlag 2009


Prof. Dr. Lothar Fritze is of the opinion that Georg Elsers' action cannot be recommended for imitation - regardless of Elser's legitimate intention, the extraordinary energy and the extravagant courage.

Lanuage: German


Hellmut G. Haasis:

Den Hitler jag ich in die Luft. Der Attentäter Georg Elser. 

I will blow the Hitler into the air. The assassin Georg Elser.

Edition Nautilus 2009


Completely revised and extended edition of the most detailed biography

about Georg Elser (first edition 1999).

Language: German and other languages


Bombing Hitler: The Story of the Man Who Almost Assassinated the Führer

English Edition: Skyhorse Publishing: May 12, 2015

Helmut Ortner:

Der einsame Attentäter: Der Mann, der Hitler töten wollte

The lonely assassin: the man who wanted to kill Hitler

Nomen 2008


Revised and extended edition of the first detailed biography on Elser (first edition 1989). In this biography all names - apart from those of the historical person and the family of Elsers - are provided with pseudonyms.

Language: German, Spanish, Italian, English, Polish and Turkish


Achim Rogoss, Eike Hemmer, Edgar Zimmer (eds.):

Georg Elser - Ein Attentäter als Vorbild

Georg Elser - An assassin as a model

Edition Temmen 2006


Essays collection around Georg Elser. Although Elser was actually a model, there is still much to know about his assassination.

Language: German


Gerrald Williams

Blowing Up Hitler

Published: 1986


A poem written as a tribune to Elser

Language: English

Pages: 11

Stephen Sheppard

The Artisan

Published: 1986 and 1989

Language: English and German.

Pages: 350


This book is an odd mix of fact and fiction that dramatically captures the perserverance and self sacrifice of Georg Elser.


'What Georg Elser did, he did well, and as most of his best work was done in private and presented as a fait accompli, there were seldom witnesses to corroborate that it must have taken a great deal of a application and patient, even inspired, skill. He always felt that he became one with the material at hand, and his perfectionism always dictated a thoroughness and dedication that those who benefited from him never forgot.' exerpt from ‘The Artisan’ by Stephen Sheppard published 1986



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