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The floor plan of the 'Gestapo Prison' drawn during the Soviet post-war occupation of Sachsenhausen. The three cojoined cells on the extreme lower right (11, 12, 13) were occupied by Elser. The cells are located in one of the wings now demolished.

Main entrance Gate

Gate to the Gestapo Prison from the main camp

Sachsenhausen concentration camp located near the ancient city of Oranienburg 20 miles north of Berlin, dates from 1936.


Georg Elser was imprisoned in the Gestapo Prison located to the northeast of the rollcall area. From 1940 to 1945 he was allocated an enlarged cell [3 joined together] to allow him to continue his trade as a cabinetmaker and to accommodate his guards.  


The British SIS agents, Best and Stevens were also imprisoned there, each in isolation.


Inmate drawings of corporal punishment and torture in the yard of the Gestapo Prison

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Two wings have been demolished except for the foundations.


Gestapo Prison yard in 2015. The solid wall with electrified wires at top erected in 1938, visually separated the yard from the remainder of the camp.

Elevations of the prison building

Scan 2

Drawing made of the Bunker by British prisoner, Sigismund Payne Best, and published in his book 'The Venlo Incident' in 1950.

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