Plaque on the site of the Burgerbraukeller







Site of Elser's capture in Konstanz

Plague at Wessenberg House near the Swiss border

Georg Elser's school at Königsbronn named in his honour

Elser's zither

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First memorial plaque located near Heidenheim-Schnaithein railway station

Königsbronn town centre with Georg Elser memorial/museum on left

17 m high Elser memorial sculpture in Wilhelmstrasse, Berlin,

erected in 2011 after a competition won by Ulrich Klages


Visit the website of the designer:

Recognition at the German Resistance Memorial Centre, Berlin


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Memorial tablet to Elser (far left) laid beside fallen German servicemen in local cemetery

Georg Elser monument at Königsbronn railway station

Georg Elser memorial /museum in town centre

The memorial plaque in Georg-Elser-Platz (Turkenstrasse) beneath the display that illuminates nightly at 9.20 pm. A short distance away stands the apartment building were Elser boarded from September to November 1939 while working late nights at the Burgerbraukeller.

The renamed street where Elser was born.

Footpath 'stubble stone' in Georg-Elser-Strasse, Hermaringen


Inselgasse, Konstanz, where Elser lived

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Dachau concentration camp was Elser's place of confinement in last months of his life.

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Recognition at Munich National Socialist Documentation Centre


Munich wall art installed in July-August 2017


Memorial in Georg-Elser-Platz. click here for YouTube 'Memorial Walk'

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German postage stamp 2003